Principal's Corner

With the approaching storm and the challenges of life itself, I penned this brief message.  Today is 11 September 2018 and 17 years ago all of our lives changed but rather than focus on the tragedy let’s look at the lessons learned.

Immediately after these events 17 years ago, good people around the world showed their kindness and love for each other by reaching out and helping save lives and support families who were hurt by this event. Fire fighters and police officers in particular showed great courage in risking their own lives to save others. Americans put aside their differences by coming together and showing the power of faith by reaching deep into their souls and finding the strength to love and help their neighbor no matter the color of their skin, their religious background, or how much money they had. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that we were all Americans and we would stick together. Soldiers sacrificed their time and lives to fight against those who might harm us and a whole country started taking our own safety more seriously.

So, again what are the lessons? We must show each other kindness and love. We must have the courage to do the right thing and protect and defend each other. We have to put aside differences and care for each other equally which sometimes means sacrifice.

I hope you will keep these thoughts in your mind as we move beyond another 11 September 2018.  If you ever have questions please feel free to ask your parents, your teachers, or myself about the effects of kindness and love in life. 


M.L. Yancey, Ed.D


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